Our Services

                    Injury Management -

                   effectively manage

                   your workplace injuries

We are experts in managing claims and return to work

facilitation and provide a same day response to new referrals, ensuring early intervention and early return to or stay at work. We provide a range of services including injury and work capacity screening assessments at our offices and onsite.

                  Injury Prevention and Risk 

                 Reduction - looking after the 

                 health and safety of your team

Thrive Work listens to your individual needs and creates customised and evidence-based strategies to prevent injury and promote health and wellness in your workplace. Job task analysis, participatory ergonomics programs and task risk assessments can be expertly delivered to your business so you can meet your duty of care to your employees.

                       Ergonomic Assessments -

                      prevent injury and promote

                      wellness to your team

We prevent injury and improve the well-being of your workers by providing ergonomic assessments and office workstation assessments. We can design your office and workplace to encourage productivity and wellness.

                       Training and Education - 

                      empower your team and workplace


We run a comprehensive calendar of accredited training for workplaces from manual task training to office ergonomics and psychological health and wellness. We can also provide a bespoke course for your organisation and have dynamic speakers to engage your team.

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                     Physiotherapy - tailored

                     to your needs

Thrive has an effective on-site physiotherapy service designed to treat injuries early, reducing the severity and duration. Early injury management reduces time loss and improves the productivity of your workers. On-site physiotherapy services also promote health and well-being across your business.

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                       Pre-Employment Screening - 

                                  helping you make informed                                decisions about hiring new staff

Our team create pre-employment capacity evaluations that match the unique requirements of your job role ensuring you get the right candidate for the job. Our screening is comprehensive and includes functional and fitness tests as well as real task simulation.

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